The beginning of the New Year brings back around all those reasons you had to celebrate in 2015.

Who are you planning a party for this year? No matter what the occasion, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Wedding Disco, etc, Al is the perfect party host.

What makes Al the perfect choice? Meeting up with the client prior to the event to discuss the musical preferences or you and your guests and how you would like your evening to run. After hearing a bit more about you, your party and your musical preferences, I will also be happy to come up with a few suggestions to help make your event more entertaining and memorable for you and your guests. Also, with certain party packages, you will have access to the Online Event Planner. This allows you to select your own music for your party. You can select your favourite tunes from the 50’s right the way through to the present day chart.

On the night
I love to make it all about you by starting off with a big intro for the client, a bit about you and what we’re celebrating. If it’s a Wedding I like to add a personal touch and get the happy couple to jot down a few sweet words prior to the evening and then read it out before the first dance as what I call their Love Story.

I always introduce myself, it gets me engaging with the guests so they feel comfortable to approach me and chat back. As well as that I then ask the tables sitting beside each other to introduce themselves to the tables next to them, which helps to create a lovely relaxed atmosphere at your party.

I wouldn’t be the perfect party host if I didn’t encourage your guests to get up and let loose. I go round the tables and ask each one to give me 3 songs they will get up and dance to, then introduce the tables and their song when it comes on. This ensures that everyone gets to hear what they want to hear and gets everyone up on the dance floor at least a few times. In case there are any odd numbers I offer my services to anyone who would like a dance partner and I also get out there and join in with Cha Cha Slide, The Timewarp, etc.