Prep for the big day starts off with the client/Wedding DJ meeting at the booking stage, where I can introduce myself and advise the couple on what to expect on their Wedding Day.

Here I will also run through what my role on the night will be, what access I need to set up etc. When booking I set the couple up on my event planner where they can choose their first dance song and also select the songs they would like to hear on the night.

On the day before I like to personally contact the Wedding Coordinator of the venue to introduce myself as the Wedding DJ/Host. On the day before or day of, I speak with the couple to talk through their first dance, the Dancing on Clouds effect and about who else will be joining in with the first dance.

On the day of the Wedding, I would normally set off a few hours prior to the start time to make sure I’m at the venue on time, as you never know what obstacles may be in your way. On arrival, I introduce myself to the Wedding Coordinator and find out how far along they are with the meal and also if I am able to set up yet. With most venues you have to wait until after the meal when they turn the room around, so once the meal is finished I get my gear loaded into the room and get set up as quickly as possible, after all these years it’s pretty darn quick! A quick test of the microphone, sound system them lights to make sure they are all programmed to coordinate with their chosen colour scheme. I then slip on some background music as the guests enter the room, introduce myself as the Wedding DJ to everyone and explain to them what will be happening next and give them all the timescales.

I introduce the happy couple to the room, usually to Pharrell Williams – Happy to get everyone up on their feet, clapping and cheering along. Then it’s time to get the couple on the dance-floor and introduce the first dance. As the dance progresses I introduce the rest of the Top Table followed by the other guests to the floor and when the dance is finished get everyone to applaud the happy couple once more. From then on it is party time, I play all the best and chosen tunes to keep your guests n the floor all night long and at the end of the night I get all the guests into a circle and the Bride and Groom in the middle for Loch Lomond, the last song of the night.

Once it’s all over it’s time for me to take the gear down, pack it all away in the car and head home for a well-deserved cuppa…