Lindsey & Graemes wedding 25/08/18 St Andrews in the square Glasgow threw up an unexpected situation where the service was scheduled to start at 1.30pm and as i was providing my all day service i had Lindseys song cued up and ready to press play for the blushing bride to walk down the aisle to after being piped in but there was a wee problem ,there was no sign of the minister and no one could get a hold of him to find out what was going on so the wedding co ordinater suggested that  i the wedding dj could conduct the ceremony and not prepared to let down my bride & groom i googled ” how to conduct a wedding ceremony ” and started rehearsing my lines ,before i knew it Lindseys car had arrived and we explained the situation while i nervously ran through in my head the ceremony ,i was just about to announce to the waiting guests what was going to be happening next when much to my relief the minister turned up and the service went ahead just after 2pm and i must say he was fantastic telling us all about the history of the building and conducting the ceremony full of fun and laughter then it was photo time for the bride & groom before i was called into action to announce the speakers at the top table then near the end of the meal i played my make a guest a millionaire game and then i had the guests joining in with a wee sing song to keep the party theme going . Time for the evening and i introduced the bride & groom into the room to cut the cake ,then it was first dance time which was sung faultlessly by Mirren Fernie (1000 years Christina Perri ) and then it was party time with Al keeping the dancefloor busy till midnight .